Student Resources

Student Resources

Below are forms and guidance documents you may need throughout the program.

Click on the document title to view the document and/or print; to download the document as a PDF, click on the PDF link. If you have any trouble downloading any of these documents, call the MPH Program office at 330.325.6179 or email

Student Orientation Videos

Want some background on the program? Here are some videos that you can watch!

Orientation video channel

Module 1 Program information (5:25 min)

Module 2 Program logistics (6:40 min)

Module 3 Curriculum (9:45 min)

Module 4 Registration (4:49 min)

Module 5 Online platforms (7:21 min)

Module 6 Student resources (4:36 min)

Module 7 After MPH (6:51 min)

General Program Information


When submitting a form to the MPH office, electronic versions are preferred. Whenever possible, we provide the form in both Microsoft and PDF. Also, if you change your email address, please contact our office!

Elective Approval Form

You must also submit the syllabus

Elective Evaluation Form

Fill this out after each elective you take.

Student Prospectus

Fill this out with your academic advisor by the end of the first semester. Turn in a copy to the MPH office.

Practicum Form

Fill this out with your faculty and community preceptor. Turn in a copy to the MPH office and your academic advisor.

Independent Study Form

Fill this out with your faculty preceptor. Turn in a copy to the MPH office and your academic advisor.

Incomplete Grade Form

You and your core course director need to complete this if you receive an "incomplete" grade for a core course. Turn in a copy to you program coordinator and the MPH office.

University Cross Registration Forms

Please use these forms to take electives based at a campus different from your home university. After you complete your information and the course information portion of the form, submit it to your academic adviser to obtain the remainder of the signatures. You will enroll for the course from your home university (ask your academic adviser what numbers you need to use). Please let the course instructor that they need to give you grade to the Program Coordinator of the instructor's university.

    • The University of Akron MS Word/PDF

    • Cleveland State University MS Word/PDF

    • Northeast Ohio Medical University MS Word/PDF

    • Youngstown State University MS Word/PDF

Travel/Conference Request Form

This form is to be used by students who want to request travel funds for conference, capstone projects or other academically-related travel. For all requests, there is only $1000 allotted for travel per year, or $500 per period from January to June and July to December. So, not all of the travel may be funded—portions, such as only hotel or only air fare may be covered.