Timothy Ryan

Timothy Ryan, PhD, CIH, CSP

Ohio University

Professor and Industrial Hygiene Program Coordinator

Department of Social and Public Health

Contact Information

W357 Grover Center

Department of Social and Public Health

Ohio University

Athens OH 45701

Phone: 740.593.2134

Fax: 740.593.0555

Email: ryant@ohio.edu

University of Texas School of Public Health, PhD

University of Minnesota, MS


Tim Ryan is the Program Coordinator of the B.S.H. program at Ohio University, where he teaches 8+ courses in industrial hygiene and environmental health. He has worked in research, higher education and the private sector, and has served as an elected officer and committee chair for American Industrial Hygiene Association committees. Ryan has published numerous scientific studies and book chapters, an industrial hygiene virtual laboratory CD-ROM, and a variety of general health and safety articles.

Research Interests

  • Public Safety in communities, especially the US housing infrastructure as it concerns carbon monoxide monitoring and fatality protection.

  • Methicillin Resistant S. Aureus: prevalence in sporting industries and sports

  • Pedagogy related to distance- and autonomous-education, especially when conveyed by electronic communication allowing for virtual reality simulation of health and safety laboratory exercises

  • Examination of micro environmental factors resulting in the production of allergenic or toxigenic substances in non-industrial occupational indoor settings, especially microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs)

Practice Interests

  • Indoor air and environmental quality

  • Ambient and community noise assessment and control

  • International occupational hygiene evolution

  • Mold and associated by-products in indoor environments as related to MVOC production

Consortium of Eastern Ohio Master of Public Health Involvement

  • Faculty appointment

  • Continuing Education Committee member

Capstone or Practicum Areas of Expertise

  • Projects with OSHA, ergonomic, safety, chemical or environmental stressor recognition, evaluation, or control

  • Healthcare safety and biosafety issues

  • History of public health and medicine

  • Global public health, especially

  • Europe and Indoor environmental issues

  • Formaldehyde exposures in health care setting

  • Healthcare safety and biosafety issues