Julie Aultman

Julie Aultman, PhD

Northeast Ohio Medical University

Associate Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine

Contact Information

Family and Community Medicine


4209 State Route 44

PO Box 95

Rootstown, OH 44272

Phone: 330.325.6113 Fax: 330.325.5907

Email: jmaultma@neomed.edu or julieaultman@yahoo.com

Michigan State University, PhD

Case Western Reserve University, MA


Julie M. Aultman, PhD is a philosopher and bioethicist by training, who does both theoretical and clinical ethics. She serves on several hospital ethics committees in Northeast Ohio, and acts as a consultant for healthcare professionals, patients, and their families. In addition to serving her community as a bioethics consultant, she teaches clinical ethics to undergraduate and graduate medical students and resident physicians. Her primary research involves both theoretical and pragmatic investigations into the concepts of health and disease, namely mental health, and ethical issues surrounding community-based rehabilitation, treatment adherence, and the use of classification systems in medical practice. Other research areas include the evaluation of teaching practices and curriculum development within medical education, the role of medical ethics in the clinical setting, and the involvement of humanities within a medical curriculum. Aultman has published and presented her research nationally and internationally. She recently co-edited, Professionalism in Medicine: Critical Perspectives (Springer-Verlag publications, 2006).

Research Interests

    • Theoretical concepts of health and disease

    • Mental health ethics and ethical issues surrounding psychiatric rehabilitation and care

    • Medical education

    • Research ethics and vulnerable populations

    • Panethics

Practice Interests

    • Ethics consultations

    • Ethics committee nember and institutional policy development

    • Ethics education for medical residency and nursing programs

Consortium of Eastern Ohio Master of Public Health Involvement

    • Faculty appointment

    • Course director, Public Health Practice and Issues

Capstone or Practicum Areas of Expertise

    • Public health ethics [environmental health, border health, panethics]

    • Public health ethics education and evaluation