Elizabeth Piatt

Elizabeth Piatt, PhD

Northeast Ohio Medical University

Assistant Professor and Chair, Sociology Department

Contact Information

Hiram College

PO Box 67

Hiram OH 44234

Phone: 330.569.5215

Email: piattee@hiram.edu

Kent State University, PhD

The University of Akron, MA


Dr. Piatt is currently an Assistant Professor and Chair of Sociology at Hiram College. Prior to her current appointment, she was an assistant professor in Behavioral and Community Health Sciences at Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy, a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Minority Fellow and received a NIMH Dissertation Grant to Increase Diversity. She currently is working on the Community Mental Health Research Initiative (CMHRI). Dr. Piatt’s research focuses primarily on explanations for race disparities in mental health. Her current projects examine race differences in the mental health effects of social roles and disparities in physical health experienced by persons with serious mental illness.

Research Interests

  • Stigma, mental illness and health behaviors/health outcomes

  • Race, mastery (perceived control), social roles/identities and mental health

  • Community involvement in efforts to reduce race disparities in health

Consortium of Eastern Ohio Master of Public Health Involvement

  • Faculty appointment

  • Capstone preceptor

Capstone or Practicum Areas of Expertise

  • Race disparities in physical or mental health

  • Community-public health partnerships to reduce race disparities in health