Public Health Activities


COVID-19: the Public Health Perspective, March 25, 2019

Public Health Activities

How do we celebrate public health week (okay, we celebrate for the entire month!)? We have a contest for students to submit a photo or video and send a description of the activity to by April 17 of every year.

Here are some suggestions:

    • Organize a physical activity e.g. walking day for co-workers, family or fellow students

    • Tweet or use one of your social networks to send a public health fact to educate your network

    • Model a health activity for your co-workers/friends/family and explain why you are doing it

    • Have a contest for the number of steps people log on their pedometers

    • Tell 5 people about the importance of public health and how to live healthier

We started a blog in 2015 on human trafficking awareness. Ohio is currently ranked fifth among all states in total reported human tracking cases, with Toledo being identified as the fourth highest ranking in the nation for recruiting victims into the illegal trade and the third largest gateway city into the U.S. for human trafficking. To access our blog

Here is what we did for 2016 to promote health!

Public health week (month) video--this features our students and staff and what they did to promote public health week! 2015 video