Class of 2010

Class of 2010 Exit Presentations and Capstone Projects

Capstone projects are password protected. Contact MPH office at 330.325.6179 or for the password.

Mercy Aggrey

Project title: The Role of Lifestyle Change in Diabetes Management among Women at the Diabetes Free Clinic Athens, OH (Research paper)

Agency: University Medical Associates Diabetes/Endocrine Care and Research Center

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Alexander Sergeev, PhD, MD,MPH (OU) / Karen Bailey, MS, RD, LD

Obianuju Aguolu

Project title: A Comparison of The Self-Perception of the Preparedness to Provide Cross-Cultural Care Between the Final Year Resident Physicians and Final Year Graduate Nursing Students in Training Programs in Akron, Ohio (Submitting for publication: project outcome not posted)

Agency: Summa Health System and Akron General Medical Center

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Carolyn M. Anderson, PhD (UA) and Marlene Huff, PhD, RN (UA) / Lynn Clough and Nairmeen Haller

Melanie Al-Rousan

Project title: The Attitudes and Barriers to the Use of an Adverse Drug Event Reporting System in a Community Hospital (Research paper)

Agency: Hillcrest Hospital

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Don Allensworth-Davies, PhD, MSc (CSU) / Nicholas Link

Cynthia (Ferch) Ballog

Project Title: Results Based Wellness Programs for Cities and Municipalities in Northern Ohio

Agency: Medical Mutual Insurance

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Sheila Patterson, PhD (CSU) / Connie Beutel

Becky Boakye-Yiadom

Project title: The Knowledge and Use of Family Planning Methods among Ghanaian Female Graduate students in Ohio University (Research paper)

Agency: O’Bleness Hospital

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Tania Basta, PhD, MPH, CHES (OU) / Kathleen M. Bertuna

Yvette Edwards

Project Title: Will Women Who Have Received the Buprenorphine Protocol Have a Greater Rate of Completion of an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program than Those Women Who Are Not on That Protocol (Submitting for publication:project outcome not posted)

Agency: St. Vincent Charity Medical Center

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Kathleen Little, PhD (CSU) / Christopher Adelman

Michael Gierlach

Project Title: Outbreak Response Training: Design, Implement, Evaluate (Submitting for publication:project outcome not posted)

Agency: Cleveland Department of Public Health

Faculty/Community Preceptor: E. Michael Loovis, PhD (CSU) / Jana Rush

Nicole Harris

Project Title: Oral Health Needs and Utilization of Oral Health Services for Homeless Individuals in Cleveland (Submitting for publication: project outcome not posted)

Agency: Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Sheila Patterson, PhD (CSU) / James Lalumandier

John Lisko

Project Title: Is Cardiac MRI Costs Saving in Obese Patients as an Initial Diagnostic Test?

Agency: Sharon Regional Health System

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Andy Chang, PhD (YSU) / Ronald Mikolich, MD, FACC

Toufik Madhun

Project Title: Perceived vs. Actual Glycemic Control (Submitting for publication: project outcome not posted)

Agency: Diabetes Management Team

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Kenneth Sparks, PhD (CSU) / Traci Wells

Catherine Nikoi (Submitting for publication: project outcome not posted)

Project Title: Motor Vehicle Crashes in the City of Athens: An Analysis for Further Prevention Strategies (Publishable paper)

Agency: City of Athens Engineering and Public Works

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Alexander Sergeev, MD, PhD, MPH (OU) / Andrew Stone

Rebecca Pushka

Project Title: Healthy Families Summer Program (Program curriculum)

Agency: Augsburg Lutheran Church

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Christine Vodicka, MEd and Rosemary Sutton, PhD (CSU) / Judy Encheff

Ali Salman

Project Title: Creating an ACHIEVE Health Plan for Lake County Municipalities

Agency: Lake County General Health District

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Michelle Chyatte, DrPH, MPH (NEOMED) / Katelyn Coan, M.Ed., CHES, Ron Graham, MPH, RD, LD

Bethany Tebbe

Project Title: Athens Health Department: Prevention Program Sustainability (Strategic plan)

Agency: Athens City/County Health Department

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Amy Lee, MD, MPH, MBA (NEOMED) / Ruth Dudding