Class of 2003

Class of 2003 Exit Presentations and Capstone Projects

Capstone projects are password protected. Contact MPH office at 330.325.6179 or for the password.

Andreas Alexopoulos

Project Title: Long-term Outcome and Cost-Utility Analysis of Chronic Vagus Nerve Stimulation for the Treatment of Medically Refractory Epilepsy in Children (manuscript)

Agency: Cleveland Clinic Health System

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Brenda Stevenson Marshall, PhD, MPH (CSU) / Prakash Kotagal, MD

Mary-Kate Barrette-Grischow

Project Title: Comparative Epidemiology of Elderly Motor Vehicle Crashes in Ohio: Are Crash, Injury and Fatality Rates Significantly Higher in the Mahoning Valley? (publishable manuscript)

Agency: St. Elizabeth Health Center

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Larry Frisch, MD, MPH / Bruce Ziran, MD

Vince Caraffi

Project Title: Paving the Way for the Elderly: A Fall Prevention Plan (paper)

Agency: Cuyahoga County Board of Health

Faculty/Community Preceptor: T. Jean Byrne, PhD (KSU) / John W. McLeod

Michelle Chyatte

Project Title: Raising the Raising the vitality of Ohio’s Infants on a Broken Bridge (publishable manuscript)

Agency: Akron Children’s Hospital

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Cynthia W. Symons, PhD (KSU) / Linda J. Emore

Kim Fuzer

Project Title: Parental Perceptions of their Child’s Oral Health with Special Health Care Needs (research paper)

Agency: MRDD Leornard Kirtz School

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Nancy Mosca, PhD (YSU) /Pat Persohn and Maureen Vendemia

Lena Grafton

Project Title: Methamphetamine Prevention and Awareness Project (paper)

Agency: Summit County Community Partnership, Inc.

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Terry Albanese, PhD (NEOUCOM) / Gwendolyn Hughes Wilson, MA, LPCC, OCP II

Ron Graham

Project Title: Feasibility of a Local Health Department as a Data Warehouse (research paper)

Agency: Stark County Health Department

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Elizabeth Kinion, EdD, MSN, FAAN (UA) / William J. Franks, MPH, RS

Lewis Hutchison

Project Title: Description and Identification of Heart Failure Outcomes in the United Arab Emirates (publishable paper)

Agency: Center Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Claire Bourguet, PhD (NEOUCOM) / Samer Ellahham, MD

Christie Jones-Ringfield

Project Title: Lead Awareness and Prevention Project (educational plan)

Agency: Trumbull County Action Program

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Codruta Rafiriou, MD (CSU) / Christine Kotapish, RD, LD, MPH

Michele Lorubbio

Project Title: Community-Wide Diagnostic and Planning Conference (paper)

Agency: Akron Children’s Hospital

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Kathy Akpom, PhD, MPH (YSU) / Iriz J. Meltzer, MA, MPH

  • Capstone Project

John Lunter

Project Title: Shelter-in-Place for CSU: Identifying the Process (Report)

Agency: Cleveland State University Department of Environmental Health & Safety

Faculty/Comunity Preceptor: Nancy Meyer-Emerick, PhD (CSU) / Bernard Buckner

Ruth Madden

Project Title: The Uninsured: Options for Extending Coverage in Ohio (paper and presentation)

Agency: Health Policy Institute of Ohio

Faculty/Community Preceptor: William Binning (YSU) / William Hayes

Tom Mrosko

Project Title: Caring for the Care Givers (publishable paper)

Agency: University Teaching Hospital ( Lusaka, Zambia)

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Ruth Ludwick, PhD, RN (KSU) / Dorth Chanda, MPH, RN

Kirkland Norris

Project Title: The Triple P Project (Pandemic Flu Preparedness for the Elderly) (paper)

Agency: Stark County Health Department

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Sonja Alemagno, PhD (UA) / William Franks

Dana Rich

Project Title: Tracking Program for Frontier Initiative Project (report)

Agency: Frontier Initiative

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Phillip Rumrill (KSU) / Steve Mulchan

John Rindy

Project Title: Bioeterrorism (NBC) Epidemiology and Investigation (paper)

Agency: Youngstown State University

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Kathy Akpom, PhD, MPH (YSU) / Larry Frisch, MD

Edweana Robinson

Project Title: Evaluation of Motivation to Exercise and Physical Fitness for Cleveland Police Officers (paper)

Agency: Akron Health Department/Division of Health Promotion

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Jill M. Black, PhD., CHES, FAAHE (CSU) / Matthew Carson

Khaldoun Tarakji

Project Title: Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device Infections; Presentation, Management, and Patient Outcomes (Research manuscript paper)

Agency: Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Faculty/Community Preceptor: G. Andy Chang, PhD (YSU) / Nabin Shrestha

Gayle Terrell

Project Title: Mercury Reduction Project (paper)

Agency: Cleveland State University

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Brenda Stevenson-Marshall, PhD, MPH, MAE (CSU) / Paul M. Novak, MPH

Beth Woodman

Project Title: Lake County General Health District Case Study: Continuity of Operation Plan (paper)

Agency: Lake County General Health District

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Amy Lee, MD, MPH (NEOMED) / Kathy Milo, MEd

Bethany Yoder

Project Title: Playground Safety in Stark County: How Do We Rate and How Can We Improve? (Educational handout)

Agency: Stark County Health Department

Faculty/Community Preceptor: Keisha Robinson, DrPH, MPH / William Franks