Students may register for any of the courses listed on the "Approved Electives List" without formal MPH Curriculum Committee approval. This Committee approves electives by request at each meeting. If forms are not submitted in a timely fashion, the student runs the risk of not having the elective accepted as MPH credit.

In order for a course to be approved as an elective, the following criteria must apply:

    1. The course must be a graduate level course.

    2. The course must have public health relevance.

    3. If the course is a swing course (offered on an undergraduate and graduate level), it must have assignments specifically for the graduate student.

    4. The course must not be redundant to one of the CEOMPH core courses.

Links to University Class Schedules

Below are the links to the courses that are available at the universities. Make sure you select “graduate” level courses in the appropriate semester. If you see a course of interest, check the approved electives listing below to see if it is pre-approved. If not, ask the department for a syllabus, and the MPH Curriculum Committee can review it for approval. These university listings are the most current.

The University of Akron

Visit the University of Akron site. Scroll to the bottom of the website and look for "Schedule od Classes" under USEFUL LINKS on the right side of the page. Select “graduate” in the course career drop-down menu.

Cleveland State University

Visit the Cleveland State University site. Click on “CampusNet Guest” if you are not a CSU student.

Youngstown State University

Visit the Youngstown State University site (then click on "schedule of classes" on the right).

Approved Electives List (updated 8/25/21)

Elective Course Approval

To take an elective course that does not appear on the "Approved Electives List," student should complete an Elective Approval Form (have your academic advisor approval this) and send a syllabus (electronic copy preferred) to the MPH office for Curriculum Committee approval at least six weeks before the class starts at pubhlth@neomed.edu or fax it to 330.325.5907.

Courses Based on a Different Campus

If a student wishes to take a course on a campus different from her/his home university, a cross registration form must be completed at least six weeks before the class starts. The student should have her/his academic advisor sign it--it will then be routed to the appropriate parties. Your academic advisor will need to tell you how to register for the course (in some cases, a number needs to be assigned). After the completion of the course, your grade will be routed back to your home university. On some transcripts, the course will be listed with "Special Topics" or "ST" indicated before the course name.

Transfer Credit

Graduate credit earned in graduate schools at other institutions may be transferred to the CEOMPH program under the following conditions:

    1. Transferred graduate credit must be approved via application. The student must provide a course description (e.g. syllabus or photocopy of the course description from the graduate school catalog or web site of the institution where the course was taken) and official transcript. Transfer credit must be earned at an accredited institution.

    2. The student must have regular graduate student status and be in good standing. Credits will be transferred only after the student has completed 12 semester hours or 16 quarter hours in the program with a GPA of 3.0 or better.

    3. Up to nine semester or twelve quarter credit hours (up to three semester or four quarter credits for core courses and six semester or eight quarter credits for electives; or nine semester or twelve quarter credits for electives) of the total credits required for the MPH may be transferred from an accredited college or university, including one of the partnering institutions.

    4. All transfer credit must be at the A or B level in graduate courses. No transfer of graduate credit will be permitted for courses in which a grade less than B was earned or courses graded S or U.

    5. Grades earned in courses accepted for transfer will not be computed in the GPA issued by the CEOMPH program.

    6. The credits must be relevant to the student’s program as determined by the CEOMPH Curriculum Committee, and must fall within the six-year time limit to complete degree requirements. Requests for an extension of the six-year limit must be approved by the CEOMPH Curriculum Committee and approved by the appropriate Dean of the student’s home university.

    7. Transfer credit for core courses must come from Council on Education for Public Health accredited programs or as approved by the Curriculum Committee.