Special Awards

Special Awards

Public health practitioners bring so much to our program and the community. We feel their impact through legislation and programs and see them in the news everyday. They affect our lives through their service and dedication to improving the health of our population.

CEOMPH Award for Public Health Practice Excellence

The Consortium of Eastern Ohio Master of Public Health (CEOMPH) Award is meant to honor individuals in practice for the following criteria. The nominee should not have a CEOMPH faculty appointment. All CEOMPH students, alumni, faculty, and committee members are eligible to nominate candidates.

    • Meritorious contributions to the improvements of the health of the people (50%)

    • Advancement of public health knowledge and practice (20%)

    • Creative work of particular effectiveness in applying scientific knowledge or innovative organizational work to the betterment of community health (20%)

    • Service to the CEOMPH program through providing student assistance/mentorship, resources, or guidance (10%)

The winner(s) of this award will be invited to the spring celebration (expenses paid) and receive a plaque.

Submit a Nomination

To nominate, submit an essay (500 words or less) on why the individual should win the award. Please also include a cover page which contains the following information:

    • Your name (all CEOMPH students, alumni, faculty and committee members are eligible to nominate)

    • Name of individual you are nominating, with credentials

    • Email address and phone number of the individual

    • Organizational affiliation

    • CV or resume as an attachment

Nominations must be submitted to pubhlth@neomed.edu by April 15 of each year.

CEOMPH Award for Public Health Practice Excellence

    • 2021: Iris Meltzer, MA, MPH

    • 2020: Amy Acton, MD, MPH

    • 2019: Earl Pike, MA

    • 2018: Michael Byun, MPH

    • 2017: Marguerite Erme, DO, MPH

    • 2016: Representative Kathleen Clyde and Representative Emilia Sykes

    • 2015: C. William Keck, MD, MPH

    • 2014: Mark H. Adams, MPH, RS

    • 2013: Thomas Quade, MA, MPH

    • 2012: Gene Nixon, RS, MPA

    • 2011: Terry Allan, RS, MPH

    • 2010: Meenakshi Sundaram, M.D., MPH

    • 2009: James M. Adams, RS, MPH and Matthew A. Stefanak, MPH

    • 2008: Senator Grace L. Drake and Senator Harry Meshel

Community Preceptor Award

    • 2021: Sarah Lowry

    • 2020: Greta Lax, MS

    • 2019: Garrett Hart

    • 2018: Rosemary Ferraro, RN and Becky Lehman, MPH, CHES

    • 2017: Patricia Sweeney, JD, MPH, RN

    • 2016: Amanda Archer, MPH

    • 2015: Bill Zawiski

    • 2014: Nairmeen Haller, PhD

    • 2013: Charles Hammer, MS, RS

    • 2012: Ron Graham, RD, LD, MPH

    • 2011: Thomas Quade, MA, MPH

    • 2010: William Franks, RS, MPH

    • 2009: Iris Meltzer, MA, MPH

Community Agency Award

    • 2021: Lake County General Health District

    • 2020: LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland

    • 2019: Asian Services in Action, Inc.

    • 2018: Portage County Combined General Health District

    • 2017: Mahoning County District Board of Health

    • 2016: Canton City Health Department

    • 2015: One Health Ohio

    • 2014: Lake County General Health District

    • 2013: Athens City-County Health Department

    • 2012: Summa Health System

    • 2011: Akron Children's Hospital

    • 2010: Akron Health Department

    • 2009: Cuyahoga County Board of Health

Special Recognition for Contribution to Public Health Award

    • 2013: Thomas Quade, MA, MPH

    • 2012: Matthew Stefanak, MPH