Technology Resources

You will find links to Springboard, E-Reserves (some of the courses post readings for you to download) and other resources you will need through the program.

PDF Documents

Many of your assignments, readings or notes may be in PDF format. In order to view a PDF document, you will need to download (for free) Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can access a tutorial for Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not know how to open your PDF documents.


You will be accessing all of your core course materials from Springboard, courtesy of the University of Akron. Other elective online courses may use other systems, such as Blackboard or WebCT.

For the MPH core courses, log in to Springboard.

Logging on to Springboard

You will be given log-on information no later than the first day of classes. If at any time you have difficulty logging in, please contact the MPH office at 330.325.6179. If you are taking online courses based at other universities, you may need other log-on information.

Student Springboard Assistance

Faculty Springboard Assistance

Resources from The University of Akron on using Springboard.

Electronic Reserves (E-Reserves)

In some of your core courses, you will have articles to read that you can download from E-Reserves from The University of Akron. All articles will be made available in the "Content" section of the course Springboard page. They will appear under the module "Reserve Articles".  If you have any questions on how to get to the readings on e-reserves, please contact the MPH office at 330.325.6179.

Interactive Videoconferencing

For all core courses, you will be using interactive videoconferencing to attend class at a campus close to you. There are also a few days during the semester that you will all be meeting as a class in one location. To get an idea of what interactive videoconferencing is, view the short video below. This video offers a tips on maximizing your experience.

Skype and Unyte Meeting

We encourage students to use Skype to contact each other for group projects. Skype is like using your phone to call someone, but instead you use your computer--and its free! Use an echo-canceling headset microphone so that you can be hands-free to do your computer work at the same time. You can conference call up to 10 total Skype-users. For a small monthly fee, you can people on their phones from Skype. Some of the faculty may want students to contact them this way. Please ask the specific instructor if this is her/his preferred way of contact. Some large organizations are concerned about security issues and may not allow its use. Learn more about Skype and download the program.
  • Desktop videoconferencing protocol (PDF): when one of the MPH faculty is conducting a session, here is how to make it as pleasant experience as possible.
  • Skype basics (4:13 minutes): you need Adobe Flash Player to view this.
  • Unyte Meeting (Webdialogs)--3:33 minutes: you need Adobe Flash Player to view this. This is a desktop conferencing solution that we may be using during the program.