Intra-Partner Research Program

The Intra-Partner Research Program was started in response to the Council on Education for Public Health suggestion to encourage collaborative research projects between the partner institutions. Deadline for submission is October 30 of each year.

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Current and Past Projects

The 2015 award recipients were Don Allensworth-Davies, PhD, MSc (CSU) and Tania Basta, PhD, MPH, CHES (OU) for their project "Examining Midwestern Rural and Urban Healthcare Provider Stigma Towards HIV Care." Bhavan Shah (CSU) is the student assistant on the project. The final project will be a report and manuscript.

The 2013 award recipients were Magdi Awad, PharmD (NEOMED), Susan Bruce, PharmD, BCPS (NEOMED), Timothy Ulbrich, PharmD, RPh (NEOMED), and Sujay Datta, PhD (UA) for their project "Impact of clinical pharmacy service on clinical measures in an underserved population." Student assistants on the project included Bhavan Shah (MPH--CSU), Progga Das (MPH--NEOMED), Heidi Aston (PharmD--NEOMED), and Allen Dai (PharmD--NEOMED).  The final product resulted in a manuscript.

The 2011 recipients of award dollars were Alan Jacobs, PhD (YSU) and DuWayne Porter, MPH, RS (NEOMED), Portage County Health Department) for their project entitled "Environmental Health Science Text Manuscript Preparation." Elizabeth Atchison (CSU) and Domegoure Aurelie Kpagnane Somda (OU) were the student assistants on the project. The result is a textbook that is being used fall 2012 in the Environmental Health Sciences in Public Health course.

The 2010 recipients of award dollars were Amy Lee, MD, MPH (NEOUCOM) and Matthew Adeyanju, PhD, MPH, CHES (OU) for their project entitled "Developing a Sustainable Public Health Academy." Diana Kingsbury (UA) and Amanda Thompson (YSU) were the students assisting on this project. Amanda and Diana are pictured below at the 2011 Public Health Combined Conference with their poster on this project.

The 2009 recipients of award dollars were Barb Palmisano, MA, BSN (NEOUCOM), Margy Sanders, MA, LSW (NEOUCOM), and Rose Beeson, PhD, MSN (UA) for their project entitled "Inter-Professional Student Community Education Program for older Adults." Becky Buchenic (YSU) and Vaishal Shah (CSU) are the MPH student who are assisting on the project. From left to right: Jamie Henry (also assisting in the project--she is a CEOMPH alum!), Becky Buchenic, Vaishal Shah, Barb Palmisano, and Margy Sanders.

The 2008 recipients of award dollars are Kristin Baughman, PhD (NEOUCOM), Scott Olds, PhD (KSU), and John Hazy, PhD (YSU) for their project entitled "Development and Implementation of a Program Alumni/Employer Evaluation Process. Cindy Widuck (KSU) and Sharon Usip (YSU) are the MPH students who assisted with the project. From left to right in the picture below: John Hazy, Cindy Widuck, Sharon Usip, Kristin Baughman, Scott Olds.

The 2006 recipients of award dollars are Kele Ding, PhD (KSU) and Andy Chang, PhD (YSU) for their project entitled, "Age of First Time Inhalant Use and Its Correlation to the Use of Other Drugs." Ron Southerland (UA) is the MPH student who assisted with the project.