2018 Community Health Interprofessional Challenge:
Addressing Ohio's opioid epidemic

Where can we find ideas to to address today's public health challenges? People who live in the community! Better yet, interprofessional teams of people! This is an opportunity to provide your ideas on what to do about the opioid epidemic through a 20-minute video presentation. Your team of 5 members will respond to a case based on a family in northeast Ohio, creating a vision of how the health care system could address the problems presented in this case. Here are the details of the competition:

  • January 15, 2018 through February 28, 2018--team applications with executive summaries and video link submissions accepted.
  • March 5, 2018 through March 21, 2018--judges view videos.
  • March 28, 2018--judges' questions will be sent to teams (5-12 questions)
  • April 4, 2018, 11 p.m.--teams' answers to questions due.
  • April 28, 2018--winners announced.

Competition Details

  • Five members per team--composition of team should comply with application categories to be eligible for awards (can enter more than one category, if eligible). All team members must speak in the presentation. Participants can only belong to one team.
  • Each team should develop a 20-minute presentation based on an outline. The video should be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. The video link and a 1-2 page executive summary will be a part of the application.
  • Teams will have one week to answer questions posed by judges based on their presentation.
  • Winning and runner-up videos will be posted on this web page.

Competition Results 2018

  • Case (PDF)--for teams outside northeast Ohio, the location may be adapted to the nearest large city near you, rather than the Cleveland/Akron region.
  • Sponsor/award listing (PDF)
  • Applications for sponsored categories (DOCX)

Sponsor: Northeast Ohio Area Health Education Center Program (NE Ohio AHEC)

Sponsor: Consortium of Eastern Ohio Master of Public Health

Competition Resources
Drug Drop Box