Class of 2009 Exit Presentations and Capstone Projects

Capstone projects are password protected. Contact MPH office at 330.325.6179 or for the password.

Emmanuel Abolo 

Project Title: Use of Social Marketing Theory in Advertising/Increasing Awareness of the Inception and Services Offered of the Newly Formed Adolescent Family Planning Clinic – Southwest Cuyahoga County (Program awareness)
Agency: Cuyahoga County Board of Health
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Sheila Patterson, PhD (CSU) / Sandi Hoch

Anne-Marie Affainie-Godwyll

Project Title: Evaluating the Comprehensive Sexuality Education Program Curricula Taught by Planned Parenthood of Central Ohio (PPCO) Health Educators in Central Ohio Public Schools (Submitting for publication: project outcome not posted)
Agency: Planned Parenthood of Central Ohio (PPCO)
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Joan Jurich, PhD (OU) / Beth Whitted

Bolanle Balogun-Adepoju

Project Title: Barriers to Mammogram Screenings among Low Income Women with Access to Healthcare in Akron (Manuscript for a journal article)
Agency: Nursing Center for Community Health
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Tracy Riley, PhD, RN (UA) / Annette Mitzell

Elizabeth Flannery

Project Title: Provision of Free Prescription HIV Prophylaxis and Medical Care to Victims of Sexual Violence (Federal grant)
Agency: The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Mary Alice Kendra, PhD, RN (UA) / Janet Briggs

Rebecca Gawelek

Project Title: Evaluating the School Environmental Health Inspection Process in Cuyahoga County, OH (Project report)
Agency: Cuyahoga County Board of Health
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Benjamin Clark, PhD (CSU) / Matt Johnson

Abraham Gebrekidan

Project Title: Distracted Driver Behavior among Undergraduate Students at Ohio University (Publishable paper)
Agency: Ohio State Highway Patrol Athens
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Matthew Adeyjanu, PhD, MPH, CHES (OU) / Jeffrey Skinner
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Kristin Hom

Project Title: A Health Needs Assessment of Domestically Sex-Trafficked Women in Ohio (Submitting for publication: project outcome not posted)
Agency: Renee Jones Empowerment Center
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Stephanie Woods, PhD, RN (UA) / Renee Jones

Diana Kingsbury

Project Title: Community Participation in Research: Motivations and Barriers in Summit County (Project Report)
Agency: Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Mieko K. Smith, PhD (UA) / Karen Snyder

Andrea Koerber Dixon

Project Title: Effect of Peer Review and Education on Resident and Attending Physician Adherence to 2009 ADA Management Guidelines (Educational component and pre-test/post-test analysis)
Agency: Akron General Medical Center
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Amy Lee, MD, MPH, MBA (NEOUCOM) / Nairmeen Haller

Merle Kolk

Project Title: University Hospitals Case Medical Center (UHCMC) Participation in Radiation Injury Treatment Network (RITN) Response) 
Agency: University Hospitals
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Maureen Mitchell, EdD, RN (CSU) / Marcos Jose Garcia deLima, MD

Courtney Little

Project Title: Identifying Barriers to Breastfeeding among Low-Income Females in Scioto County Agency: Scioto County WIC Program
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Matthew Adeyanju, PhD, MPH, CHES, FASHA (OU) / Barbara Borden-Gibson

Marie Mastoya

Project Title: Assessing the Health Needs, Beliefs, and Health Care Utilization of International Student Population at Cleveland State University (Research paper)
Agency: Cleveland State University Health & Wellness Services
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Sheila Patterson, PhD (CSU) / Eileen Guttmann

Maroun Mhanna

Project Title: Evaluation of Pediatric Critical Care Physicians’ Assessment of Extubation Readiness (Submitting for publication: project outcome not posted)
Agency: MetroHealth Medical Center
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Amy Lee, MD, MPH (NEOMED) / Dennis Super

Dan Mix

Project Title: Community Themes and Strengths Assessment for Geauga County, Ohio (Project report)
Agency: Geauga County Health District
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Nancy Mosca, PhD, RN (YSU) / Robert Weisdack

Dominique Morgan

Project Title: Evaluation of the African American Family Reunion Program
Agency: Diabetes Partnership of Cleveland
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Sheila Patterson, PhD (CSU) / Mary Ann Nicolay

Candace Oliver

Project Title: Evaluating the Need for an STI Screening Program in the Cuyahoga County Correctional Facility (written report)
Agency: Cleveland Department of Public Health
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Cynthia Capers, PhD, RN (UA) / Ann Avery

Michael Oravec

Project Title: Defining Effective Access to Health Care – Key Informant Perspectives (Submitting for publication: project outcome not posted)
Agency: NEOMED/Summa Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Collaborative (PCOR)
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Sharon Hull, MD, MPH (NEOMED) / Lynn Clough

Robert Overman

Project Title: Practices and Determinations for Steroid Induced Osteoporosis (Report and possible manuscript)
Agency: Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Susan Bruce, PharmD, BCFS (NEOMED) / Jun-Yen Yeh and Chad Deal

Benjamin Rose

Project Title: Addressing Depression and Distress in Diabetes Patients (Research Paper for publication)
Agency: The University of Akron
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Gregory Knapnik, DNP, PhD (UA) / Lynn Clough

Dipika Sharma

Project Title: Obstacles to Seasonal Flu and Pneumonia Vaccination in the Seniors Receiving Home Care
Agency: Visiting Nurses Association
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Maureen Mitchell, EdD, RN (CSU) / Cynthia Struk

Mirela Spiridonica

Project Title: Health Benefits of Pet Therapy as Perceived by Animal Owners (Survey)
Agency: University Hospitals
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Sheila Patterson, PhD (CSU) / Barbara Nalette

Emily Straightiff

Project Title: Evaluating the Impact of the Arts Fusion Program on Caregiver and Perceived Care Recipient Well-Being
Agency: Alzheimer's Association, Central and Western Virginia Chapterl 
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Don Allensworth-Davies, PhD, MSc (CSU) / Rebecca Dunham, RN

Hakam Tawil

Project Title: Hand Hygiene Education, Obstacles, Compliance and Survey Analysis for Nursing Staff at Dublin Methodist Hospital
Agency: Dublin Methodist Hospital 
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Jacqueline Guhde, MSN, RN, CNS (UA) / Becky Dunham, RNC, BSN 

Amanda Thompson

Project Title: Physical Activity Levels of Current Physical Education Teachers: Analysis of Results and Survey Methods (Project report & analysis)
Agency: Ohio Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
Faculty/Community Preceptor: G. Andy Chang, PhD (YSU) / Bruce Pietz

Melinda Willard

Project Title: Nursing Home Palliative Care Study (Two Two surveys and a report on the study)
Agency: Summa Health System
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Barbara Palmisano, MA (NEOMED) / Teresa Albanese

Suzy Woodruff

Project Title: Improving Health in the City of Chauncey via a Bike Path Connection (Two state grants)
Agency: Athens City-County Health Department
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Alexander Sergeev, MD, PhD, MPH (OU) / Ruth Dudding