Class of 2006 Exit Presentations and Capstone Projects

Capstone projects are password protected. Contact MPH office at 330.325.6179 or for the password.

Ira Bhargava

Project Title: Satisfaction of Primary Care Physicians with Accessibility to Patient Discharge Instructions at the Time of Hospital Discharge: A Quality Improvement Initiative
Agency: Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Ruth Ann Althaus, PhD (OU) / Ashish Arteja, MD, MPH

Johnny Brawner

Project Title: Public Health Approach to a Medical Mission for an Underserved Community in the Philippines
Agency: Association of Philippine Physicians in Ohio
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Sheila M. Patterson, PhD (CSU) and Ronald Dwinnells, MD, FAAP / Armando Damian, MD, FACS

Lorraine DeChellis

Project Title: Social Network Theory in the Treatment for Autism (Research report, Agency listing booklet)
Agency: Youngstown State University
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Dimitre Stefanov, PhD (UA) / Georgia Backus and Robert Howard

Suzanne Dilts

Project Title: Animals in Disaster: Guidelines for the Medina County Health Department (written policy)
Agency: Medina County Health Department
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Nancy Grant, PhD (UA) / Kristen Hildreth, MA, CHES

Yadira Fabre

Project Title: Influence of Mindfulness Meditation on Cleveland State Students with varying Levels of Anxiety
Agency: Cleveland State University
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Todd Pesek, MD (CSU) / Ronald Reminick, PhD

D. Andrew Ferguson

Project Title: Expanding Senior Fall Programs through Community Paramedicine 
Agency: Summa Health System 
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Amy Lee, MD, MPH (NEOMED) / Susan Hazelett, RN, BSN, MS and Jennifer Davis, MSN, MPH, RN

Robert Flora

Project Title: Leadership and Decision Making in Public Health (hybrid, synchronous/asynchronous-online course in leadership)
Agency: The University of Akron
Community/Faculty Preceptor: Amy Lee, MD, MPH, MBA (NEOUCOM) / Ramona Ortega-Liston, DPA

Travis Lovejoy

Project Title: Assessing Barriers and Facilitators to Cancer Screening in Appalachian Ohio Adults (manuscipt)
Agency: American Cancer Society, Ohio Division
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Matthew Adeyanju, PhD, MPH, CHES (OU) / Leigh Anne Hehr

Joseph Lynch

Project Title: Seniors and Driving (Research paper with educational program)
Agency: Cuyahoga County Board of Health
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Sheila M. Patterson, PhD (CSU) / Vincent Caraffi, MPH

Patrick Magnus

Project Title: Ethical Awareness of Physicians (poster presentation)
Agency: University Hospital-Richmond Medical Center
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Sheila Patterson, PhD (CSU) / Michael Rowane, DO, MS

Rick L. Miller

Project Title: Developing an Emergency Plan for Special Needs Populations - The Elderly (project report)
Agency: Canton City Health Department
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Nancy Grant, PhD (UA) / James Adams

Sharon Usip

Project Title: Evaluation of the Humility of Mary Health Partners Prescription Assistance Program (Submitting for publication: project outcome not posted)
Agency: Humility of Mary Health Partners
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Keisha Robinson, DrPH, MPH (YSU) / Rosemary Antonucci

Valencia White

Project Title: A Quality Improvement Model for Lake County General Health District (narrative report for a pilot quality improvement model)
Agency: Lake County General Health District
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Sheila Patterson, PhD (CSU) / Ron Graham, MPH, RD, LD