Class of 2005 Exit Presentations and Capstone Projects

Capstone projects are password protected. Contact MPH office at 330.325.6179 or for the password.

Susan Berneike

Project Title: Setting a Health Promotion Agenda By and For Persons Living with Disabilities in Akron, Ohio: A Second Generation Demonstration (project report)
Agency: Akron Health Department
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Mike Loovis (CSU) / Thomas Quade, MA, MPH

Cara McCracken Bondi

Project Title: Perception of Obesity as a Function of Race and Socioeconomic Status: Implications for Public Health Nutrition Interventions (manuscript)
Agency: Akron Health Department
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Amber Murray, MSN, MPH, CNP, RN (UA) / Mary Ann McGuckin, MS, LD, RD

Rachel Cherico

Project Title: An Analysis of Hand Washing in Elementary School Settings (poster presentation of original research)
Agency: GOJO Industries, Inc.
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Nancy Mosca, PhD, RN (YSU) / Carrie Zapka

Tony DeNicola

Project Title: Designing a Culturally Appropriate West Nile Virus Outbreak Risk Assessment Among a Migrant Farm Worker Community (research paper)
Agency: Hartville Migrant Council
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Eugenia Missik, PhD, RN / Kirkland Norris, MPH

Renee Gilson

Project Title: Evaluation of Nutrition Program at Department of Campus Recreation
Agency: Youngstown State University Department of Campus Recreation and Intramural Sports
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Kathy Akpom, PhD, MPH (YSU) / Joy Byers

Jessica Griggs

Project Title: Implementing a Standardized Diabetic Protocol in a Northeastern Ohio Underserved Clinic (Standardized diabetic protocol)
Agency: Lorain County Health & Dentistry
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Joan Thoman, PhD (CSU) / Stephanie Wiersma

Laverne Jones Gore

Project Title: Health Care Education in the Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles in the African American Senior Community
Agency: University Hospital Health Systems
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Georgia Anetzberger, PhD (CSU) / Edgar Jackson, Jr., MD

David Hintz

Project Title: Health Disparities in an Area of Significant Job Loss: Case Review on Prevalence of Foot Ulcers Related to Race, Gender, Smoking and Peripheral Neuropathy (statistical analysis of prevalence of foot ulceration)
Agency: Lorain Community Health Partners Wound Care Center
Faculty/Community Preceptor: G. Andy Chang, PhD (YSU) / Daniel Duffy, DPM

Colin Johnson

Project Title: Conducting Part of a Community Food Assessment to Determine Community Food Security
Agency: Cuyahoga County Board of Health
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Sheila Patterson, PhD (CSU) / Ann Stahlheber, MS, RD, LD

Terry Kline

Project Title: Using the Nominal Group Process in a Consensus Building Forum to Develop a County Plan for High Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 (research paper)
Agency: Wayne County Emergency Management Agency
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Margaret Tonkin, PhD (UA) / John Wise

Kristen Klingler

Project Title: The Design, Implementation and Evaluation of an Advanced Weight Management Program (program development plan)
Agency: Akron General Health and Wellness Center
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Amy Thompson, PhD (KSU) / Angel Bobula, RD

Misty Koletich

Project Title: Characterizing Animal Hoarding in Mahoning County and Identifying Markers for Prevention (research paper and research article)
Agency: Animal Charity
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Kathy Akpom, PhD, MPH (YSU) / Leonard Perry

Lisa Lambert

Project: Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative (grant application)
Agency: Free Clinic of Our Towns, Ada Jenkins Center
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Susan Labuda Schrop (NEOUCOM) / Kay Newsom

Jonah Long

Project Title: Infectious Disease Investigation Training Program: A Refresher for Rural Local Health Jurisdictions (training module)
Agency: Ohio Department of Health
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Matthew Adeyanju, PhD, MPH, CHES (OU) / Ellen Salehi, MPH

Laurie Lovelace

Project Title: Fools, Tool, and Pools: A Comprehensive Manual for Keeping Swimming Pools/Spas Safe (training manual)
Agency: Warren County Combined Health District
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Matthew Adeyanju, PhD, MPH, CHES (OU) / Daniel Collins

Basetsana Maposa

Project Title: “Mabogo Dinku” Health Intervention Project and Grant Proposal (HIV/AIDS Intervention program and grant proposal)
Agency: Botswana Retired Nurses Association (BORUS)
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Matthew Adeyanju, PhD, MPH, CHES (OU) / Mavis G. Kewakae

Rosemary Mburu

Project Title: Zienzele Fights Back: Community Based Vocational Education for HIV/AIDS Orphans in Rural Zimbabwe (community intervention program and grant proposal)
Agency: The Zienzele Foundation
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Matthew Adeyanju, PhD, MPH, CHES (OU) / Prisca Nemapare

Amanda McConnell

Project Title: The Prevalence of Health Disparities in Soyapanga, El Salvador (analysis of health care disparities and preventive health education)
Agency: Ohio University
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Gillian Ice, PhD, MPH (OU) / David Drozek, DO

Lori Moore

Project Title: Best Practices for Elderly Adult Suicide Prevention: Summit County, Ohio
Agency: Children's Hospital Medical Center of Akron
Faculty/Community Preceptor: James Rogers, PhD (UA) / Iris Meltzer, MA, MPH

Laurie Murphy

Project Title: Distance Learning Social Marketing Curriculum (curriculum and supporting materials)
Agency: Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Wendy Grove, PhD (NEOUCOM) / Elizabeth Piatt, PhD

Cynthia Peterson

Project Title: Sonographer Scanning Practice and Musculoskeletal Injury: Evaluation of an Occupational Health Issue Using the Health Belief Model (research study and research paper to be submitted for publication)
Agency: The Ohio State University
Faculty/Community Preceptor: I. Renee Axiotis, PhD, CHES (KSU) / Kevin Evans, PhD, RT, RDMS, FSDMS

Mohammed Quadeer

Project Title: Is Obesity Associated with Increased Hypoxemia During Endoscopy? (written paper)
Agency: Cleveland State University
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Codruta Rafiroiu, MD, PhD (CSU) / John J. Vargo, MD, MPH

Alyce Rauchenstein

Project Title: Tobacco Road: Where Are We Going? (tobacco control resource guide for Summit County)
Agency: Barberton Health District
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Sonia Alemagno, PhD/ Jill Oldham, MPH, CHES

Max Roberts

Project Title: Web-based Accreditation Preparation Survey (web based survey tool)
Agency: Cuyahoga Community Board of Health
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Ronald Abate, PhD / Dave Covell and Yen Luong

Ron Southerland

Project Title: Epidemiological Review of MRSA Cases in a Hospital (report)
Agency: Summa Health System
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Marguerite Erme, DO, MPH (NEOUCOM) / Virginia Abell

Aysha Wilburn

Project Title: Challenges of Integrating Hepatitis Screening into a STD Clinic Setting (EpiInfo database, referral protocol for HAV and HAB vaccination, paper outlining database creation process, and EpiInfo reports)
Agency: Cleveland Department of Public Health
Faculty/Community Preceptor: Kris Baughman, PhD (NEOUCOM) / Ann Avery, MD