Capstone Project Guidelines and Forms

These forms will be used during the course of your capstone project. We will be requesting that students send a meeting summary (to after each meeting with preceptors so that we know you are making adequate progress. If we do not receive meeting summaries, we will request a mid-semester progress form.

  • View Kim Trowbridge's 2020 capstone orientation video (29 minutes) HERE. Overview slides (PPTX) HERE.
  • Capstone Project Guidelines, 2019 revision (PDF)--these are the guidelines for the Capstone Project.
  • Preceptor Module Completion Form (MS Word version / PDF version)--both faculty and community preceptors should complete this form; this form does not require a signature. Send to
  • Community Preceptor Agreement Form (MS Word version / PDF version)-- only the community preceptor should complete this form, which requires a signature. Send a scanned copy to or fax to 330-325-5907.
  • Capstone Preceptor Final Evaluation Form (MS Word version / PDF version)--please have your preceptors complete this form so that the MPH office can turn in your grade.
  • Capstone Log Sheet Template (Excel)--students need to log the time spent on your project. You should include time including the planning stages, project implementation, and final paper.

Exit Presentation Guidelines and Forms

Please review these guidelines before your last semester with us!

Exit Presentation Application Form

For you to complete to schedule your exit presentation.

Exit Presentation Evaluation Form

For your faculty panel to complete during your exit presentation (copies will be provided).

Public Health Competencies End Program Template

To be included in your electronic portfolio (class 2017 and later need to use this template with the updated Council on Education for Public Health competencies).
To be included in your electronic portfolio (classes prior to 2017 may use this template with the old competencies.