Consortium of Eastern Ohio Master of Public Health Program Capstone Project Information

The capstone project is your culminating product of the Consortium of Eastern Ohio Master of Public Health program. We would like to make sure that you have an experience that will help you put together everything that you learned in the program. 

Previous students have had some wonderful projects. At times, some of these experiences launched their future career interests or opened another field of opportunity. You can see the exit presentations and capstone projects of previous students on the CEOMPH Exit Presentations and Capstone Projects page. The final written projects are password protected--please contact the CEOMPH office at 330-325-6179 for the password.

The capstone project has been broken into two 3-credit hour courses---Capstone Project I and Capstone Project II. 

Capstone Project I evaluates students on targeted public health competencies. Students asked to incorporate competencies that need to be strengthened into their final capstone projects. The second half of the course is guided project development using the C3P20 modules. These eight modules move students systematically through the process of applying for a capstone project, from the selection of a topic through the final proposal. The modules are as follows:

  1. Picking your topic
  2. Literature search
  3. Outcomes
  4. Selecting preceptors
  5. Model/methodology/objectives
  6. IRB investigation
  7. Timeline
  8. Final narrative and application
Once you have completed all eight modules successfully and submitted them to the capstone coordinator, your project proposal will go to the CEOMPH Curriculum Committee for approval. Once you have received full approval (or satisfied the requirements of your conditional approval), you may begin work on the actual capstone project in the Capstone Project II course.

Capstone Project Guidelines

Capstone Time-Log Template

Use this form to track the amount of hours spent on each activity as well as the competencies each activity has helped you to achieve.